3 great company Outing Ideas That Works


Team building is nowadays seen as an essential part of any company’s work plan, and there are some obvious reasons for that. The first one is simple: you can’t work without a team. But having a team is not the end of the story. This brings us to the second reason: having a good team requires investing in it. This is where team building comes in. Read further to find 5 outing ideas that will help create a pleasant work environment.

These ideas are great no matter where your business is located, although some are more suited for your ‘company outing ideas Amsterdam’ list. 

Go Camping with your team

Nature sometimes brings out the best in people, and this might apply to a lot of your employees. Many people experience the workplace as a strictly business area and will automatically tighten up at work. Getting far away from the surrounding that reminds them of the office might help them loosen up a bit. 

Beside the good atmosphere, camping requires working together with others to help for example set up a tent, for cooking and cleaning. These tasks might not sound as fun, but a breath of fresh air is proven to help set a good mood. So it’s a win-win. You are building your company’s team while your employees get to enjoy all the good nature has to offer.

Doing a sport outside

We are all aware of the great benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly. And as an employer, you of course wish the best when it concerns the health of those employed by you. Whether it is true are not, a lot of people mention their job as the reason they don’t find the time to work out. You can respond to this by organizing a sport event for your employees or colleagues. One way to create the sport team is by simply having different departments competing against each other, or mix them together. If ‘team accounting’ for example against ‘team human resource’ doesn’t seem like a good idea, having a combination might work better. Once again, both you and your team will reap the benefits. Go team!

Go on an Amsterdam Canal Cruise

You can have a lot of fun in water, but not everyone is very font of swimming. Some prefer to stay on the surface instead. Luckily, there are many activities ideas for company outings on water. The Amsterdam Canal Cruise is a great one to consider. “What is so great about that?” you might ask. Well, one thing is that this is a fully organized trip where everyone can just sit and enjoy the ride. You just have to be there. Even though you can bring your own food and beverages, we know how handy it is to have all the work taken from you, as it should. Another reason why you won’t have any worries is that safety always comes first during the Amsterdam Canal cruises. The captain is trained well and will make sure all security measures are in place before taking off. His Amsterdam humor and knowledge will also keep your team entertained during the trip.

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